Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mayor to proclaim Sept 27 as 'Dorothy Dietrich Day' in Scranton

Today I have a fantastic exclusive from our good friends at the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA. Mayor Christopher Doherty will officially proclaim September 27, 2013 as "Dorothy Dietrich Day" in the city of Scranton.

The honor is being bestowed on Dorothy for all the business and tourism her Houdini Museum has brought to the city, as well as the publicity generated when she and Dick Brookz replaced Houdini's bust on his grave in Queens during a "commando" raid in 2011. September 27 marks the second anniversary of that event.

The proclamation will also acknowledge Dorothy's many accomplishments and titles given her over the years, including: The First Lady of Magic, America's #1 Female Magician, The Female Houdini, and the Modern Day Houdini. She's also celebrated as the first and only woman to perform the Bullet Catch in her mouth. Her Scranton-based Houdini Museum -- the only building in the world totally devoted to Houdini -- has celebrated the magician for over two decades, and is the site of the annual Original Houdini Seance. (The museum recently received an amusing mention on The Office.)

I'm very happy to see Dorothy being honored in this way. She's not only a bona fide legend of magic, but she is a tireless and selfless promoter of Houdini's history and legacy. With her museum, radio show, TV appearances, and her continued upkeep of Houdini's gravesite, it could be said that no one is as devoted to persevering Houdini's memory as Dorothy Dietrich. She's one of my heroes.

Congratulations Dorothy!

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  1. Dorothy Dietrich will also be throwing out the first pitch Aug 10 for the New York Yankees farm team that resides in Scranton PA, The Railriders. Thanks to the work of the local SAM and Bill Dixon they have named it Magic and Houdini Day.