Sunday, August 18, 2013

When Blackstone, Houdini, and Thurston shared a stage

This Blackstone playbill was recently snatched up on eBay for a Buy It Now of $69.99. Notice the reference to a seance in which Blackstone would attempt to contact Houdini and Thurston. As this was a proper midnight Spook Show, I'm sure manifestations occurred, and I would love to know how Blackstone interacted with his two "Dead Friends" in magic.

You can read about the history of Spook Shows at Doctor Screams Spook Show Revival. There is also a book about the phenomena called Ghostmasters by Mark Walker.

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  1. $69.99.??? OMG! Somebody sure got the deal of a lifetime! Man, I wish I had seen that! I'd have bought it in a heartbeat! And I sure would like to read what happened at Blackstone's Spook Show. I bet it was awesome!!