Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Houdini is an AHC Badass

Houdini will appear on the new series AMERICA'S MOST BADASS. The series premieres tonight on AHC (American Heroes Channel). The Houdini episode, "Living on the Edge", airs on March 31, 2015. Here's a description:

Living on the Edge Premieres Tuesday, March 31 at 10/9c
Neil Armstrong, Teddy Roosevelt, John Dillinger and Harry Houdini all lived life on the edge and have one thing in common: they're badass Americans. These men never backed down from a challenge. One was shot in the chest and still found the strength to deliver a speech, and another "escaped the inescapable" over and over again. Will one of them win all the glory, or will another competitor seize the win?

AMERICA'S MOST BADASS is produced by Leftfield Pictures for AHC.

UPDATE: Houdini battles for Most Badass

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