Thursday, March 19, 2015

Houdini's death certificate online

The Archives of Michigan have made available images of Michigan death certificates from 1921 to 1939 via their free website

Of course, the certificate that is getting all the press attention is Houdini's death certificate from Grace Hospital, certified by chief surgeon Dr. Charles Kennedy. Photocopies of Houdini's death certificate have circulated on eBay, etc., but now you can get a closeup read for free.

Houdini's death certificate.

One thing that always intrigued me is the time of death is noted here as 1:30 pm. So where did 1:26 pm come from? That is the time that is widely reported as being the exact time of Houdini's death.

The Michigan collection now contains 2.6 million death certificates for researchers dating back to 1897.

Thanks to Todd Karr and Wayne Wissner.

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