Monday, April 27, 2020

LINK: A ghost of the Gilded Age found

Sean Doran at The Mysteriarch is back with yet another found location from Houdini's The Man From Beyond. This time it's the stately home of Dr. Crawford Strange which features throughout the movie. Click the headline to find out what this was in reality and what is there today. I love this stuff!

Below are more recent Man From Beyond location finds by The Mysteriarch.



  1. Loving these posts Sean. Looking forward to more. Can’t wait for this pandemic to end, so you can visit possible locations for his rapids swim.

    1. Thanks much Joe! I can't wait to be past this pandemic as well. I've been itching to make the drive to scope out those possible rapids swim locations!

  2. This is a very cool revelation, Sean! The pictures and captures are great (it's also terrific that postcards were made of historic locations like this back in the day, and that so many survive in the present). Such impressive detective work. Thanks, Sean and John!