Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Houdini certifiable?

This is one of Houdini's standard press kit stories that is likely more entertaining than true. But I still wanted to share as I've never seen this image of Houdini struggling in a straitjacket (which I believe is a photo heavily retouched). And the story is kinda fun. Enjoy.

Los Angeles Record, September 25, 1907

Below are links to a few more uncommon shots of Houdini in straitjackets.



  1. The hair doesn't match HH's style. He looks more like Tony Curtis.

  2. So was Harry allowed to keep the straight jacket, one of the primary reasons he paid the visit? I also agree with Leo’s observation that this is not Houdini‘s hairstyle, looks like Dr. “Barber“ gave Harry a haircut!