Monday, March 27, 2017

A Houdini birthday present from Kevin Connolly

Friday might have been Houdini's birthday, but it was Houdini fans who received the gift. That's because mega collector Kevin Connolly shared on his Facebook group CONJURING HISTORY - BUY, SELL AND TALK this remarkable press photo of Houdini from his collection. I've never seen this shot before and it's a stunner!

This photo probably gives us our best, most detailed look at a Houdini straitjacket. To my eye, this appears to be the same straitjacket that surfaced on Pawn Stars in 2011. It later sold at auction for $46,980. There is a very distinctive V-like dip in the leather across Harry's upper chest that occurs on both jackets (you can also spot this in some film footage). So it looks this pic is also a gift to whoever now owns this jacket!

Thanks to Kevin for letting me share his share here on WILD ABOUT HARRY. Below are a few other gems from the Connolly Collection.



  1. This photo looks doctored. There appears to be magic marker lines around HH's shoulders, and the background behind him is painted over?

    1. Yes, you'll see this kind of thing with old press photos. They enhance them for printing. Means this probably appeared in a paper at one point.

    2. The two vertical lines and the lower horizontal line appear to be crop marks.

    3. Indeed. It looks this image as used in the paper was just one column wide.



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