Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Houdini makes the cover of Genii's 1000th issue

I'm already preempting my "Week of Weird" because we do have some breaking Houdini news today. After a decade's absence, Houdini once again graces the cover of Genii magazine for the March 2022 issue. This is actually Genii's 1000th issue, so how perfect to have Harry back out front. (His first appearance was on issue No. 2 in October 1936.)

The article inside is an excellent and lengthy look at the new Houdini Seance at the Magic Castle written by Jonathan Levit with Jim Steinmeyer and Benjamin Schrader. Not only does the article tell the behind the scenes story of the seance's creation, but it also includes a nice history of the famous Final Houdini Seance of 1936 (featuring Mark Willoughby's rare photos), and Jim Steinmeyer has some elegant and insightful thoughts on Houdini and his everlasting legacy. Overall this makes for a terrific Houdini issue in the Genii tradition.

Oh, and there's a pic inside from our recent Houdini Nuts preview seance in which you can see Patrick Cullition, Jessica Jane Peterson, and myself. I like to think the image captures three generations of succeeding Edward Saints. What a treat and an honor!

You can subscribe to Genii magazine and Genii Online at the official website. You can also buy Genii in magic shops. This is one to get. Let's show the new editor, Dustin Stinett, that putting Houdini's mug on the cover moves some units!

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