Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Channel 44's Houdini Halloween of 1976

Okay, one last nostalgic post about The Truth About Houdini before we move on to other things. After the documentary first aired on KTLA in Los Angeles on May 15, 1976, it rolled out across the country on other local stations. In Tampa, WTOG Channel 44 had the inspired idea of airing the documentary and the 1953 biopic Houdini back to back on October 29 as a Halloween weekend tribute to Houdini on the 50th anniversary of his death.

The below article by Kathleen O'Brien in the Tampa Tribune is a treat in itself. She speaks eloquently and with real insight about Houdini's legacy, the documentary, the Tony Curtis movie, and even The Great Houdinis which has only recently aired. I think she's one of us! And the photo of Houdini here is an uncommon one. Enjoy.

The Tampa Tribune, Oct. 29, 1976. (Click to enlarge.)

So did anyone live in Tampa in 1976 and remember seeing Channel 44's Houdini Halloween double feature? I wonder how Channel 44, if it's still around, will celebrate the 100th!


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  1. O'Brian understood HH's relevancy: The human desire for freedom. She wrote a nice article! The friend: Gibson. The collector: Radner. The performer: Christopher. The stunter: Randi.