Wednesday, August 23, 2023

A San Francisco treat

Here's another gem discovered by our friend Whitt Smith in an old issue of The Sphinx magazine. 

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This occurred on Saturday, April 21, 1923, at the Golden Gate Theater in San Fransisco. Houdini and his good friend Hattie Mooser arranged the special matinee performance. The children all received the below Good Luck "Houdini Mascot."

McCord Stewart Museum

Speaking of good luck, the Golden Gate Theater still stands today! 

In Houdini's time, the Golden Gate was a Junior Orpheum that featured three shows a day and a movie on the bill. As you can see below, the movie this week was Look Your Best starring Colleen Moore. You can also see this special children's matinee advertised.

The San Francisco Examiner, April 21, 1923.

Thank you, Whitt!



  1. The egg bag and die box must have been Harry's bread and butter tricks for the kids. Why was it called Junior Orpheum as opposed to the regular Orpheum circuits?

    1. The regular Orpheum was two shows a day and just Vaudeville, no movie. Check out this post