Tuesday, August 8, 2023

When AI generates your Houdini facts (update)

I don't know if AI really generated the below "list of Houdini's famous underwater escapes." But I don't know how any human could get so much so bizarrely wrong. This accompanied an article published last month at poolmagazine.com. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge.

Here's the depressing part. If you Google "Houdini," this article will show up in your news feed before any post here on WILD ABOUT HARRY. In fact, none of my posts will ever show up in Google's news feed. Maybe because the algorithm knows I'm human.

Or am I?

UPDATE: The good folks at Pool Magazine reached out for some help and the article has now been updated with, if I say so myself, a darn good list of Houdini's underwater escapes. Score one for humans! Check it out here.



  1. I knew it! I knew you weren't human!

  2. Can you help us out with the right facts? I'll credit you in our blog and link to you as the source. Email jtrusty@poolmagazine.com

    1. Yep, I sure can. I will send you a new list. :)

    2. Appreciate you sending over the list John. I'm sure our writer probably had AI assist with that article, so I totally understand why you took issue with any inaccuracies considering you're an authority on the subject. Thanks for taking the time out to help us put out accurate information on the subject, we've corrected the article and cited you as a source for the information. Best - Joe

    3. My pleasure Joe. I glad you reached out. I think we now have a killer list! And thank you for the links.👍