Friday, October 20, 2023

LINK: Harry Houdini Amazes the Cleveland Police

Here's a very well-researched article by Cleveland Police Historical Society and Museum Executive Director Mazie Adams about Houdini's appearances in Cleveland and the police officers who took part in his stunts. It includes many rare images from The Averbook Magic Art Museum & Library (including the image on the right).

Some of this I covered in my own overview of Houdini in Cleveland earlier this year, but here's how a grown-up handles it. 😉 Click the headline link above and enjoy.


  1. HH was scheduled to be in Cleveland after Detroit in 1926...almost.

  2. Hi John, love the Cleveland articles. So sorry I missed you while you were in Cleveland, but I was called away due to a work conflict. I'd love to share Cleveland and Cleveland-area (Akron, Youngstown, etc.). research some day. When a youngster, my only contact with Houdini was the Niagara Falls museum. It wasn't until years later I learned Houdini spent quite some time in my own backyard, many places that are still standing as they were. Of course, you opened my eyes to much more, culminating in the 278 open house as well as the Houdini séance on Halloween (I can't believe it's been six years for both!) . Need to also share some weird photos inside 278 like you posted recently (strange orbs with no explanation for the source). Cheers! --Dale in Cleveland

    1. Thanks Dale! I will have yet another Houdini Cleveland-related post this week, something new and very cool.

      You have 278 orb images as well? Interesting!