Monday, July 8, 2024

Summer break

I'm going to give myself a short summer break to recharge my batteries, chamber some posts, and work on other projects. I won't let any breaking news slip past, and I will still be active on my Patreon. Otherwise, see you in a few weeks!

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Photo from Houdini His Legend and His Magic by Doug Henning and Charles Reynolds.


  1. Happy summer, John! Here's to a very well earned break!

  2. Have a nice break dude! I’ll keep reading on Patreon!

  3. This Harry and Bess photo at the beach triggered my recollection that He also posed for various photos with Doyle at the beach in the same straw hat, black tie, and ice cream suit. His hair looks identical too. I'm betting all these photos were taken the same day.

  4. Possible, but it was common/standard then to be (properly) dressed in public, even at the beach. Look at photos back then and you will see people dressed in suits and ties and dresses, on the beach, on the boardwalk.
    When you see people in the past at Abbott's Get Together, in Colon, Michigan, during the hot, humid summer, they are wearing shirts, ties, coats...and they were wearing those in the high school auditorium and in the tent with NO air-conditioning.

    Diego Domingo

    1. In this case it's too specific nor to suspect Harry saw Doyle thar day. The black tie, ice cream suit, and his hair parted at the same spot.