Thursday, June 15, 2006

Searching for Jim Collins...

Dave Dorsett of Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering (who made the beautiful Water Torture Cell reproductions) is currently researching a project on Houdini’s chief assistant and mechanic, Jim Collins. Dave has uncovered some remarkable new information, but he asks your help in finding out even more about the man behind so many of Houdini’s mysteries.

Dave has discovered Collins ended his life in Philadelphia, is buried in New York and his widow might have moved there. If you know of anybody in either of those areas who might be of assistance or if you know of or have access to information or correspondence from, to, or concerning Collins, please email Dave via his website. Dave would be very grateful, as would most Houdini enthusiasts who would certainly love to hear the full story of this elusive figure.

Let’s find Jim!


  1. Was Jim Collins from Macon, Georgia?

    1. Beware what you see on the HISTORY channel. :) Nope, he was from the UK.