Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Self Help Harry

Here’s a unique one; a “self help” book evoking Houdini. It has something about thinking “inside the box” yadda, yadda...whatever, it has Houdini on the cover so they got my ten bucks!

Transform the shackles of conformity into the tools for generating amazing, unconventional results. 
Houdini performed his greatest tricks within the confines of a box. Now one of the advertising industry's brightest and most innovative stars shows you how to do likewise: to use the power of thinking inside the box to unleash the power of innate creativity. 
Who hasn't been extremely creative when boxed into an exceedingly tight deadline or budget? The Houdini Solution introduces a radical theory of how to generate more focused and powerful ideas by accepting, and even thriving on, constraints instead of being controlled by them. Filled with inspiring anecdotes and intriguing exercises that will yield surprising results, this book will spur you on to unleash the full power of your creativity, work magic in the workplace, and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Purchase The Houdini Solution from Amazon.com.

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