Sunday, July 31, 2011

Genii forum members dissect 'The problem with Bessie'

A pretty good discussion has sprung up on the Genii Forum about my blog this weekend regarding The problem with Bessie (finally one my posts gets some attention over there). Some buy it as the reason the Houdinis never had children. Some question its validity and reliability of Marie Blood. Some say X-rays and Houdini are still to blame. Others find the entire thing "distasteful" and would have preferred that I kept the information to myself.

If you care to join the discussion, just click on over to the Genii forums. There's also a thread at The Magic Cafe, but it hasn't really provoked conversation (or controversy) as it has on Genii.


  1. I find Bess Houdini as interesting as Harry himself. I, for one, do not feel like you violated any privacy issues at all. This, at least, makes sense out of why they never had children. Thank you for enlightening me. Lisa Skalnik

  2. acho que o post foi interessante e é como dizem: se não pesquisarmos sobre a verdade dos fatos, vamos nos basear somente em mentiras. continue com seu trabalho John, ele serve de inspiração para muitas pessoas, inclusive eu