Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Hardeen voice recording played on CBC Radio

Richard Sherry of Sherry and Krall Magic checks in to tell me that he recently heard a "complete clear as a bell interview with Hardeen" on the CBC Radio show, Tales From The Vault.

The recording was from 1936 and was not the WNYC interview that I posted HERE. Until now, that 1939 interview was the only available recording of Hardeen's voice that I was aware, although he certainly must have done a lot of radio in his day (even Houdini was doing radio in the '20s).

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to turn up anything on the CBC Radio website. Did anyone else hear the interview? Let the hunt begin!


  1. I just found the link. Great stuff.
    The Leonard Lopate Show
    Past Present: How to Be an Escape Artist
    Friday, June 23, 2006 -original date 1939
    On today's Past Present, we'll try to learn some tricks of the trade from Theo Hardeen, Harry Houdini's brother and an accomplished magician and escape artist himself. Harry Houdini left his secrets with Theo, but Theo was instructed to have them burned after his own death. This interview originally aired on July 3, 1939 as part of WNYC's "Voice of the Theatre" program. The host is Ezra Macintosh.

  2. This is the first interview already posted.

  3. Thanks, Alexanderia. Yeah, that's the Hardeen interview that I posted before. This is new one.

  4. This is the whole Hardeen interview here! ttps://

    1. Again, this is the 1939 Ezra Macintosh interview that we're familiar with. The one I posted about above is apparently a new one made in 1936.