Tuesday, August 13, 2019

HARRY Houdini (First Names) released in the U.S.

Today sees the release of the U.S. hardcover edition of HARRY Houdini (First Names Series) by Kjartan Poskitt with illustrations by Geraint Ford. It's very nicely illustrated and well researched. A cut above other Houdini biographies for kids.

Discover the man behind the magic and see how Houdini pulled off his most daring escapes

Before Harry Houdini (1874–1926) became the greatest magician in the world, he was just little Ehrich Weisz, a Hungarian-born immigrant who moved to America with his family and performed stage tricks for a little extra cash. He started off with card tricks and then eventually began performing the escape acts that would make him famous. Known for his daring and death-defying illusions, he would do some of the greatest tricks ever: escaping from a milk can, being buried alive, and being locked inside a crate and thrown into a river. He conquered each of these seemingly impossible feats and showed the world the power of a little magic. Fun, fast-paced, and highly illustrated, Harry Houdini tells the story of the curious boy who became the world’s greatest magician and reveals how Houdini did some of his most stunning escapes. It includes a timeline, glossary, and index.

Purchase HARRY Houdini (First Names Series) at Amazon.com. A UK paperback was released earlier in the year.


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