Monday, August 26, 2019

"Your Special Son" from The Impossible Man

The YouTube Channel for the in-development Houdini musical The Impossible Man has shared a complete song from the production. "Your Special Son" is sung by James Hume with music by Simone Manfredini and lyrics by Oliver Lidert. This clip also gives a look at the production design.

According to last week's press release, The Impossible Man will be workshopped next year with plans a 2021 premiere in Detroit.



  1. Do you know what the song is talking about or the context to Houdini’s life? I have a few ideas but I’m having trouble discerning any specific instance for Houdini that this song would make sense. Of course, this is assuming that it’s historically accurate, which it might not be.

    1. It sounds like a song sung by one of his brothers after Mama's death lamenting how Houdini was her favorite. Maybe Hardeen or Leo? Remember Hardeen was with her when she died and there's a line in there about how she probably wished it was "him" instead.

    2. Ah ha! Another clue. One of the production drawings is based on a photo of Hardeen (the one in suit). There's also a line about how it's his "mistake" that Bess has given HH her life, so maybe a reference to Dash meeting/dating Bess first.