Wednesday, August 21, 2019

New Houdini stage musical announced for 2021

Broadway World reports that a new musical based on the life of Houdini is currently in development with plans for a world premiere in Detroit in 2021. Below is the press release and teaser trailer:

Producer Karl Sydow and Director Federico Bellone announce the development of a brand new musical, The Impossible Man, based on the true story of illusionist and stunt showman, Harry Houdini.

Following successful readings and recording sessions in London, the show will see workshops from 2020, with full scale previews planned for Detroit (location of Houdini's last stunt) the year afterwards and sights on Broadway and the West End.

Bringing together an international creative team, The Impossible Man will feature over twenty big stage illusions, many of which have never been presented before on a stage or screen, and a musical theatre score influenced by the Hungarian folk music of Houdini's birthplace.

Budapest-born Houdini moved to America as a child where, from a young age, he would marvel audiences; first as a trapeze artist before making a name for himself in the US and on European tours as an escapologist and stunt daredevil. The Impossible Man is set during the last show of the great magician's life in the autumn of 1926 and through a series of flashbacks, we experience his life, loves and rise to fame.

Obviously, this is one we'll be following!


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  1. The camera pulls back at the end to reveal the classic triangle: the wife, the Houdini, the Chinese Water Torture Cell. At least a step away from the usual 'wife, Houdini, his mom' version we always get. Or will we get a twist at the intermission: Exit Mom, Enter Water Cell? Oy.