Friday, June 18, 2021

Harry Houdini VS Dracula (Spooky History)

Spooky History is back with another well-researched Houdini-themed episode. This time Ash Pryce takes a look at Houdini's fiction, namely his three short stories: Imprisoned With The Pharaohs, The Spirit Fakers of Hermannstadt, and The Hoax of the Spirit Lover. Weird tales indeed! Enjoy.


  1. Looking forward to this episode! Any insights as to the writer in Weird Tales Spirit Lovers and Spirit Fakers?

  2. The episode mentions: Several authors put forward as possible candidates, including Henneberger himself, C.M. Eddy, and Walter Gibson; With Lovecraft’s own prime suspect being editor Farnsworth Wright.
    Mike Ashley’s The Houdini Chain found in Postscripts says Walter B. Gibson denies being the author and Mike Ashley speculates that they may have been the work of Clifford Eddy who worked as Houdini’s booking agent at that time. He had sold several stories to “Weird Tales”, some revised by Lovecraft.

    1. Thanks Joe! That's great info.

    2. Thanks Joe & John! I'm sure Pat would agree with you, although Saltman says these were Gibson