Tuesday, April 12, 2022

New candidate for Houdini's first radio broadcast

Looks like we have a new candidate for Houdini's first radio broadcast. As you can see below, Houdini spoke on Westinghouse's station KDKA in Pittsburg at 7:15 PM on March 8, 1922. It's unlikely this was spiritualism related (like many of his other broadcasts) as this pre-dates his first public lectures on the subject. So what could this 15 minute "entertainment" have been? The mind boggles!

The Pittsburgh Press, March 8, 1922.

At the moment, this is the earliest Houdini radio broadcast that I'm aware of. But the list is ever growing. Oh how I wish someone, somewhere, somehow could find a recording of any Houdini radio talk!

Clipping: Newspapers.com


  1. Bummer!!! I thought you finally discovered a broadcast recording.

    1. Awe, sorry for the fake out, guys. But if I found that, it would not be a simple post. I would be shooting up fireworks!