Sunday, April 10, 2022

Stuff You Should Know: Harry Houdini

I missed this one back in October, but Houdini was a topic on the Stuff You Should Know podcast with Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. It's well done. You can listen below or at Apple Podcasts.


  1. As I wrote to you earlier John, I have a thought or two on it. Years ago I always doubted the story about a punch to the stomach can cause a burst of the appendix. After all, boxers get hit in the abdomen all of the time and I have never heard of any of them getting a ruptured appendix.

    I talked to many doctors and they told me this was not possible. But, I did talk to one doctor that told me that if the subject was braced against something and the abs did not move with the punch, then it was possible to rupture the appendix by a blow.

    After all, Houdini was sitting with his back against the couch. It was possible that when Whitehead hit him, he didn't have any give with the punch. That is the only scenario that could make this theory a reality.

    1. Indeed, this is what Pat Culliton believes as well. The fact that his back was braced against the couch is what caused the damage and, yes, the appendicitis.

      If you want to go down a rabbit hole of comments and opinions on this, check out THIS POST.