Friday, July 1, 2022

Go inside Houdini's abandoned funeral home

I've done a few posts about the still standing (and haunted?) Wm. R. Hamilton's Funeral Home building in Detroit where Houdini was embalmed before being transported back to New York. I've even visited the site. But I've never seen inside. 

Now thanks to Ruin Road on YouTube, we can see what remains of the inside and also learn some of its history. This is great, spooky stuff. Enjoy.

This video finally helped clear up for me that the second structure on the site is the funeral chapel. There appears to be several tiled rooms that could have been used for embalming. I would love to hear from anyone who might be able to pinpoint which room is most likely. Also, at 9:08 you can catch a glimpse through the window at the hospital which now stands on the site of Grace Hospital where Houdini died. This shows just how close they are.

The building certainly appears to be falling into ruins and I wonder how long before it's demolished. But I'm happy it still survives. It's certainly one of the more macabre Houdini locations!


  1. Great video. At 9:20 it says a seance was held by Henry Ford and Bess Houdini, when we know it was Arthur Ford, the medium.

  2. I can't watch this video. It's too creepy for me.

  3. I really am impressed with your site John and find that the time and meticulousness you have with it, is to be commended. Today I passed this article and your name to someone in media who just might reach out to you. I pray & trust all will work out in time. Keep up the fantastically fun work that you do!

    – a new reader

    1. Well thank you so much New Reader. I'm glad you enjoy the site. Always happy to hear that people enjoy what I'm sharing. :)