Friday, March 24, 2023

Get a 7-day FREE trial membership to my Patreon

In celebration of Houdini's 149th birthday I'm offering a special gift. For the next two days (March 24-25) you can join my Patreon on a 7-day FREE trial. You'll be able to see some of the content I've posted over the past eight months--including my recent posts from inside the Copperfield collection--and be able to grab this month's PDF reward all for FREE. 

Just head on over to my membership page and click "Start Free Trial" under the Handcuff King level.

You'll have access to the site for 7 days, after which time you'll be billed $5 for another month unless you cancel. But I'm hoping you'll stick around. As you will see, there's a lot of great Houdini content with more to come. And you'll be supporting me and WILD ABOUT HARRY and everything else I'm working to bring you.

So what better way to celebrate Houdini's birthday than with a gift for yourself? Hope to see you inside!



  1. Harry would have been 149 years old today. I wholeheartedly believe he'd still be with us if it hadn't been for Whitehead's interference.

  2. Very grateful that ALL the patrons who took advantage of this 7-day free trial have elected to stay on for a paid month. THANK YOU. I've just posted something special for you all. :)