Monday, March 27, 2023

Second Houdini tribute rises in Laurel Canyon

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending The Kiwanis Club of Burbank's Annual Gala at the Houdini Estate in Laurel Canyon. It was terrific event and I had a great time giving Houdini talks and answering questions for attendees. You can see photos and coverage at MyBurbank.

It seems every time I return to the Houdini Estate something has been added or changed. This time I was excited to see the Houdini sculpture "Rise", which had been located inside the estate and has always been one of my favorite works of Houdini art, now stands outside the entrance just off Laurel Canyon Blvd. This means it can be seen as you drive past the property. 

Not long ago a large bust was added outside the Willow Glen entrance. So whether you're traveling North or South through Laurel Canyon you get a glimpse of the estate's namesake.

"Rise" was created by Brannon Wright in 2013.

Speaking of the Houdini Estate, I am now on their list of recommend vendors and entertainers. That means if you want a Houdini historian at your special event, just give me a shout! Like the Kiwanis did.

Thanks to Cari Pelayo and The Kiwanis Club of Burbank for allowing me to be part of their magical event.

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