Sunday, May 28, 2023

Houdini Jeopardy! triple stumper

On May 11 Houdini again showed up on Jeopardy! The category was Grandma for $1600. But this one was a triple stumper as none of the contestants could come up with the answer...I mean the question. This was a tough one!

Josephine Weisz was the mother of Houdini's father, Mayer Samuel Weisz. She is not the "Grandmother" we see buried in the Machpelah cemetery family plot. That is Cecelia Weiss's mother, Hannah Heller Steiner.

To see the full board check out the J! Archive website where you can also see all mentions of Houdini on the show going back to 1985.

Thanks to Janet Davis for the alert and pic.



  1. I never heard of Josephine Weisz. Was she a relative of HH? I remember reading about that singer who was related to the first wife of HH's father.

    1. She was Mayer Samuel's mother. Grandma.

    2. Interesting. We don't get much farther back than Houdini's parents in the bios.

    3. That's true. I've added her info to the post.