Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Huber's Palace Museum on The Knick

This came to my attention via one of my favorite blogs, Travalanche, where the great Trav S.D. did a post about Huber's New York Dime Museum for International Museum Day. Huber's was a regular haunt of Houdini's in his early career. Trav pointed out that Huber's was recreated for the Cinemax series The Knick. Above is an image of that recreation. You can see a Houdini poster on the upper right of the building. Cool stuff.

I also found this promotional video for The Knick Season Two that provides a nice look inside their Huber's recreation and some Houdini factoids to boot.

We would love a photo of the real Huber's for the diary book. If you have or know of any Huber's images, please get in touch.

Check out On Huber’s Palace at Travalanche. Below are some more posts related to Houdini and Huber's.


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