Sunday, March 7, 2021

More amazing AI brings Ehrich Weiss to life

I had planned on holding this back until Houdini's birthday. But I've decided to run with it today as the reaction to my first post featuring these AI animations by MyHeritage was so popular. (I also fear this viral sensation might be played out by March 24.) My approach has been to create animations that have no possible film equivalent. So below are three combined images showing the young Ehrich Weiss from ages 8 to 18. And this time in color!

Here's a bonus. Who is this stranger you ask? Well, let's just say if you are a fake medium you definitely don't want to see him in your seance chamber!

If you want to animate your own photos, MyHeritage offers a 14 day free trial.

UPDATE: I do know Houdini's eye color is wrong. His eyes should be blue. But I don't have any control over that. I just upload pics to the app and it makes it own color decisions unfortunately.


  1. Oh, that disguise one is fabulous. There's a sense of confidence and even smugness in it that jibes with what I think of as HH's attitude going into a seance.

    1. I tried some of the other disguise shots in which he appears to be giving a bit more of a performance -- kind of a befuddled old man, which I expect is what he did in the seance room. But the AI can't figure out the glasses and they didn't look very good. But this one works and, yeah, his expression is pretty cool here.

  2. BTW, before someone comments, yes, I know his eye color is wrong. Should be blue. But I don't have any control over any of that. With this app you just upload a photo and get what you get.

  3. Amazing stuff there, it’s like having Houdini come to life.