Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Siskel & Ebert on Houdini (1953)

Critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert talk about movies they loved as kids on a special episode of their famous television show in 1991. Guess which movie makes the list? I've cued this one up to their discussion about, yes, Houdini (1953).

Thanks to Bill Schmeelk.


  1. I remember this episode, appreciating them saying how Houdini made an impression on them and Roger explaining the appeal of magic to kids included fooling grown-ups. (Siegfried wrote doing a magic trick was the first time his father showed any vulnerability by exclaiming, "How did you do that?!")

    A very interesting summation of the appeal of Houdini and what movie GOING was like for kids on a Saturday matinee, when movies were a greater adventure experience themselves to see.