Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Willem Dafoe namechecks Houdini during Walk of Fame ceremony

Actor Willem Dafoe received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday. During the ceremony, Defoe, who hails from Appleton, said:

"The little town that I come from, Appleton Wisconsin, it's maybe a town of 70,000 people now, someone else from that town has a star. And his name was Ehrich Weiss. You know who that is? Maybe you know him better by the name of Harry Houdini. So I'm in good company."

You can watch the entire event on YouTube. The Houdini mention comes around 15:11 and gets a nice crowd reaction. This marked the first new star of 2024.

Dafoe's star is located at 6284 Hollywood Blvd. near Vine. Houdini is at the other end of the boulevard at the corner of Hollywood and Orange. Houdini received his star in 1975.

By the way, a shoutout to Dafoe's latest film, Poor Things, starring the always amazing Emma Stone. It's excellent!


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