Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Trunk from The Great Houdinis sells at auction

The original Metamorphosis prop trunk used in the 1976 television biopic The Great Houdinis sold at Heritage auctions on March 20 for $2,625.00 (including Buyer's Premium). Below is the trunk and auction description.

The Great Houdini (ABC Circle, 1976), Paul Michael Glaser "Harry Houdini" Escape Trunk. Vintage original trunk made of wood and covered in painted cardboard, featuring metal latches and accents. "The Great Houdini" is hand-painted on the front in black lettering. The back of the trunk includes a panel attached with metal hinges that can be detached, enabling the illusion of an escape trunk. It measures approx. 51" x 25" x 20". This trunk appears in the early part of the film during one of Houdini's (Paul Michael Glaser) performances. Displays production wear and age. Much of the cardboard has eroded and there is paint chipped throughout. Special shipping arrangements will apply. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.

Here's the scene from the movie in which you can see the trunk. The idea of Bess getting stuck in the Metamorphosis trunk comes from a real-life incident (read: Boxed Bess).


  1. The deterioration makes the trunk look even more like it's 124 years old.

  2. It looks great. If I were feeling more flush these days, I would have gone for this. I love this movie and this would look great in my living room. Maybe it will come around again some day.

    1. You could store your Houdini items in the trunk. Unfortunately, HH memorabilia is now out of the reach of most people. You might win a movie window card or an original program. Photos, letters, sceaobooks, props, and manacles

    2. ...are too expensive.