Saturday, May 25, 2024

Houdini's grave is in trouble

There is an alarming situation unfolding at the Houdini gravesite. A crack in the exedra, which appeared a few years ago, is expanding. A large chunk has recently fallen off the back. The danger of cracks like this is water can get inside and freeze during winter, causing the cracks to enlarge. There is a very real danger that if left untreated, a large section of the exedra will break off. The photos below were taken by our friend Perry Reed a few weeks ago and should chill us all.

The good news is Dorothy Dietrich, owner of the Houdini Museum in Scranton, is now Chairman of the S.A.M. Houdini Gravesite Committee and is well aware of the situation. Dorothy, along with Dick Brookz, famously restored the Houdini bust and the headstones of Gladys and Leopold, so she has been a loving and proactive caretaker of Houdini's grave. Dorothy is working with the co-chairman Joe Devlin on a solution.

Cracks like these can be repaired, and the S.A.M. does have a Houdini Gravesite Fund they can draw from to help. But, as Dorothy points out, the repairs need to be done during the dry summer months—so that means now. Another winter will increase the danger of the exedra breaking, and fixing that might not be so easy.

You can help by making a contribution to the Houdini Gravesite Fund. Or you can contact Dorothy Dietrich directly at the Houdini Museum. Houdini always looked after the graves of fellow magicians, so it's time to do the same for him.


  1. The other thing I noticed is it appears Houdinis grave stone, the stone that actually covers his grave, is sinking on one side by several inches. The grave stone of Houdinis brother Nathan, only feet away, lays nice and flat. So assume Houdinis casket is becoming compromised after 98 years underground.

  2. Welp. That can’t be good. O_O