Tuesday, May 28, 2024

LINK: Happy National Vaudeville Day!

The great Trav S.D. is taking it upon himself to declare today, Tony Pastor's birthday, "National Vaudeville Day," and I'm on board! To really understand Houdini's career, one needs to understand the art and history of Vaudeville. So click over to Trav S.D.'s terrific blog Travelanche and explore his links related to Vaudeville.


  1. Interesting that HH's vaudeville career was only as an act on the bill. He was on for twenty or thirty minutes onstage and that's it. He made a fortune solely as an act. The touring big show came at the tail end of his life.

    1. Yep, not sure many people fully understand that.

  2. Just as Elvis/Beatles/Jacksons only did 2/3 songs on The Ed Sullivan Show, (video vaudeville) while the other variety/singing/dancing acts performed before and after them to fill out the hour, that they made a fortune doing as well.