Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The Linguini Incident Director's Cut screening in San Fransisco

A new Director's Cut of the 1991 film The Linguini Incident will screen at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco on May 23, 2024. There will be a Q&A with director Richard Shepard after the screening.

The Linguini Incident stars Rosanna Arquette as an aspiring magician and escape artist who collects Houdini artifacts and comes into possession of "Madame Houdini's" wedding ring. While waiting for her big break, she works as a waitress at a trendy Manhattan restaurant run by co-star David Bowie. 

The film is loaded with Houdini references and escapes. In some territories, it was titled Houdini & Company.

You can get more information and buy tickets at the Roxie website.


  1. I saw this film on the shelf of a CD music store as a laserdisc back in 1994. Remember laserdiscs?

    1. Yep, I believe I still have the laserdisc. I have a laserdisc of the Tony Curtis movie as well.

    2. I remember picking up this laserdisc to examine the cover. I thought: How quaint, a movie about Italian food. I put it back on the shelf and moved on.