Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sportswear banks on magic of Houdini name

Does this company really think I’ll buy their sportswear just because the label reads “Houdini”? Well, they’re right. I will. Here’s their pitch:

Everything Houdini stands for comes from how we live - and we live to play hard. The idea for Houdini first came to us when we were stranded in what most people would call an impossible situation, our backs against the wall. It was a do or die time. Everyone on the team knew that if se were going to make it down the mountain, we would need the skills and steel nerves of an escape artist to see us through. So, we called out to the best of the best: Houdini. That day his spirit came and helped us through. He's been with us ever since.

Check out the official Houdini Sportswear website.

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