Sunday, August 8, 2021

History's Greatest Mysteries teases Houdini episode

A teaser trailer for the second season of History's Greatest Mysteries includes this blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot that suggests Houdini will be the topic of an upcoming episode.

This might be something I was involved with early this year. I'm not being coy, I really don't know. But if you click to enlarge this pic, you'll seen some intriguing images here. There's even a photo I've never seen before. So this suggests it's something special. And if it's the one of I'm thinking of, then it definitely is!

How's that for a teaser on top of a teaser?

Thanks to Mike Bent for the tip.



  1. John--

    Are you sure that's not a screenshot of your office wall, for inspiration - when you write this blog?

  2. It was indeed the documentary you were involved with John; I was too, as fellow talking head and also acting several roles for the stills shoot. I'll mail you some shots which I took on set.
    Paul Zenon