Monday, August 30, 2021

LINK: HHCE attends the Magic Collectors Expo 2021

Our great friend Joe Notaro of Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence attended the Magic Collectors Expo in Las Vegas last week. Joe shares all the Houdini details from what sounds like a terrific event. Including a tour of a very special magic museum...

"I found it interesting as to how small the WTC looked on display; I knew it was small, but it looked even smaller in person."

Click here or on the headline to read Joe's full report at Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence.



  1. Joe's observation on the diminutive size of the USD isn't surprising. The tank was custom built to Houdini's height who was 5'5 tall.

  2. I remember that being my first reaction when I first saw the original cell in the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame in 1990. I was stunned at how small it was. I also wasn't prepared for that. What's weird is I don't think that anymore. In fact, when I see it now, I tend to think it's actually a little larger than I remember.