Thursday, August 19, 2021

Unknown French Master Mystery poster surfaces

I'm very excited to share some fantastic news today! Don Creekmore, who is currently writing a book about Houdini in Kansas, has acquired this hitherto unknown French poster for Houdini's 1918 serial The Master Mystery (Episode 4). The poster measures approximately 42" by 63" and as you can see for yourself, it's a stunner!

Don tells the story of how he came to own this treasure:

The poster was found among hundreds of other silent movie era posters in a movie theater in France. No other Houdini or magic related posters though. The owner discovered my website regarding my book research on Houdini's time in Kansas, While the poster is unrelated to my book research, he did notice that my business,, is buying and selling authentic antique diving helmets.

When he sent me the image of this poster, I couldn't believe my eyes! Not often does an antique make me physically shake on first sight, but this did! After a number of months talking with the owner an agreement was made, bringing it to my collection of magic posters and diving helmets in Wichita, Kansas.

While this poster is completely new to me, a French Episode 8 poster in a similar style sold at a Christies auction in December 2008. I'm also aware of one other French poster in this style for Episode 3 in a private collection.

Congratulations Don!


  1. Wow, what a beauty! Congrats to Don - the poster clearly found its right home! (The image of Houdini in this poster actually reminds me a bit of the Laurel Canyon bust.) Thanks for sharing.