Thursday, February 2, 2023

Nic Bezzina's photos from The Houdini Diaries

Photographer Nic Bezzina has shared on his official website photos he created for the documentary The Houdini Diaries (re-titled Houdini's Lost Diaries when it aired in 2021). 

"I was commissioned to create a set of photographs that capture the quieter intimate moments of Houdini’s life away from the spotlight," says Nic. "These images were used to fill in the gaps where no archival footage exists and help create a sense of intimacy with the man behind Houdini’s persona."

The photos are very well done. You can see them all by clicking the image below.

Houdini's Lost Diaries aired as part of the series History's Greatest Mysteries. You can purchase the episode at

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  1. Great stuff here! Quieter intimate photos of HH and Bess are rare, if at all.