Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Site of Houdini's 1905 jailbreak in Blackpool

Our good friend Allan James Taylor of the Global Escapology Organisation (GEO) sends over these pics of the new Blackpool Abingdon indoor market in Blackpool, UK. This was the original site of Houdini's jail escape on June 12, 1905. As you can see, they've persevered the old Police Station sign over the front entrance, which is pretty darn cool!

Speaking of the GEO, their first convention will be held in Sheffield on March 10-11, 2023. There will be lots of Houdini representation with lectures by Chris Gower and Ann Beedham, author of Randini: The Man Who Helped Houdini. Tickets can be purchased at the David De-Val website. You can get more information at the GEO Facebook group.


  1. There will likely be a feature related to this in the new Showtown museum, due to open in Blackpool next year.