Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Foolers play Houdini's Orpheum in Wichita

The Foolers will appear at the Wichita Orpheum Theater on October 5th as part of their 2023 Fall tour. Why is Wichita special? Because the Wichita Orpheum is where Houdini himself appeared during the week of November 25, 1923. 

The Wichita Daily Eagle, Nov. 25, 1923.

The Orpheum wasn't the only place you could see Houdini that week. Haldane of the Secret Service was also playing at the Holland Theater down the street. The Holland is long gone, but the Orpheum remains, so if you've always wanted to see Houdini nut Jessica Jane do her amazing feats, what better place than in a historic Houdini theater!

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