Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Wichita Orpheum celebrates 100 years

The Orpheum Theatre in Wichita, Kansas, celebrated its 100th anniversary last month. Houdini performed here during the week of November 26, 1923. As you can see, the theater is still in beautiful condition and still carries the Orpheum name.

During his run Houdini featured the Needles, Water Torture Cell, and escaped from a challenge packing case made by the George Innes Dry Goods Co. He also did a suspended straitjacket escape from the Wichita Beacon Building and spoke on WEAH radio. The Orpheum instituted a new policy that week, as you can read below:

The Wichita Daily Eagle, Nov. 25, 1923.

You can see on the Orpheum's official website that they are well aware of their Houdini connection. You can read about the theater's ongoing restoration at KMUW

Hey, how about a special event next year celebrating Houdini's 100th in Wichita?

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  1. Great stuff! Thanks for posting! I love Wichita, Kansas. There's something magical, ethereal about that place. Can you smell the corn stalks? Pass the bread and butter: Needles, USD, and the packing case escape.