Friday, September 1, 2023

"Milestones in Houdini's Life"

The below illustrations accompanied a full-page article, "Houdini Baffles the Spooks!," in the Chattanooga News on November 21, 1924. These ran down the side of the page as a little biographical bonus. They remind me of the illustrations that would later appear in juvenile Houdini biographies such as The Great Houdini that so captivated me as a kid. I guess they still do!

You can enjoy more illustrated Houdini via the links below.

Have a happy Labor Day weekend!



  1. I never heard that story about HH helping a medium in Missouri. We're still in the fog about when HH began to study locks and how to open them.

    1. You can find the Missouri medium story in Christopher. It will also be in the diary book as Houdini specifically mentions it there, so it really happened. Funny you mention the locks. I recently found a completely different origin story told by Houdini himself. I'll be doing a post on that soon.

    2. Thanks! Christopher is on my shelf close by along with Silverman. I'll look it up. An origin story by HH leaves me apprehensive. The pantry lock story is a fabrication. Anything HH tells reporters is up for skepticism.

  2. First I heard about Houdini helping a medium would love to know more. Time to pull out the Christopher.