Saturday, September 9, 2023

Yes, you can go inside Houdini's house

Remember the days when all you could do was stand outside Houdini's famous New York brownstone, 278, and dream what it would be like to step inside? I certainly do! 

Those days are in the past, as the awesome homeowners, Vincent and Niro, now offer small private tours by appointment. You'll see where Houdini took several famous photos, learn where his library and famous bookcase once stood, see artifacts discovered during the restoration, and learn some insider secrets. This is a unique opportunity and a must for us wild ones! However, you must make arrangements first––you can't just show up––and there is a charge. But, hey, you're going inside 278!

If you are interested in learning more, visit the 278 website or email to work out a tour time and details. I can't wait to get back inside myself!


  1. I would love to visit this house, but the only problem is the distance as The Pond is in the way .. more's the great pity 😥😥

  2. Nice! Thanks for the reminder! Gunna hafta do that on my next trip to NYC.

  3. I had the thrill of my life when I was able to tour 278 when it was for sale years back. John showed up while I was there and had the great privilege of meeting him. Great memories! Perry from NJ.

  4. Thanks to John's prior tips, I spent a good amount of time at the open house and was also able to view the basement. A fantastic, unforgettable experience. Also obtained some bricks from the original owner. Glad the owner has embraced Houdini fans! --Dale from Cleveland

  5. I was lucky enough to tour the house in November of last year. Vincent couldn't have been nicer and I was able to see everything from the basement to the top floor. The two things I most appreciated were that it was obvious the house was occupied by a real family (which I'm sure Harry and Bess would have appreciated) and even though it's been a century, there was still a sense of what it was like in HH's time and one could almost feel his presence.