Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Holmes & Houdini issue 3

The dynamic duo of Holmes & Houdini wrap things up in issue 3 of Zenescope's series, written by Honor Vincent and illustrated by Oliver Borges.

As Nolen Savoy's apocalyptic plot nears fruition, Spencer Holmes and Erica Houdini must join forces, much like their famous ancestors did once before to save the world. But is it already too late?

You can purchase Holmes & Houdini #3 for the Kindle on You can also buy directly from Zenescope, which offers printed copies with variant covers. Depicted here is cover B by Igor Vitorino and Ivan Nunes.

Based on the preview pages at the official website, this last issue features an appearance of the real Holmes and Houdini in 1913 (below).

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