Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Holmes & Houdini Issue 2

The dynamic duo of Holmes & Houdini are back in issue 2 of this three-part series from Zenescope written by Honor Vincent with artwork by Oliver Borges. Girls get it done...again!

The die has been cast, the game is afoot, and this thrilling journey has begun to unfold! 
Spencer Holmes and Erica Houdini’s lives would never have crossed-paths or so they thought. But when a plot that involves the very future of all human life begins to dig its way into the literal minds of all those around them, only Holmes and Houdini will be able to try and find a way to save everything and everyone. 
Don’t miss this exciting and mysterious next chapter of the biggest new series from Zenescope Entertainment!

You can Purchase Holmes & Houdini #2 for the Kindle on You can also buy directly from Zenescope, which offers printed copies with variant covers (the above is Cover B by Jordi Tarragona and Ivan Nunes).

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