Thursday, February 1, 2024

Meet Holmes & Houdini

Zenescope has released the first issue of their new series, Holmes & Houdini, by Honor Vincent, with artwork by Oliver Borges. The characters are descendants of their famous namesakes and part of the female-driven "Grimm Universe." Girls get it done!
Ancient secret societies! Mysterious advanced technology! Bloodlines tied to the end of the world! 
Few names hold such a high prestige and weight as those of Holmes and Houdini—Spencer Holmes and Erica Houdini have known that all too well, as they both have been carrying the burden of their infamous ancestors their whole lives, completely unaware of the other's existence. But when the death of a loved one sets these two on a collision course, they discover that their worlds are much more entwined and extraordinary than they ever imagined. 

Don’t miss the thrilling first issue!

The good folks at Zenescope sent me a review copy, which I greatly enjoyed. It's a good story, the artwork is the type of highly detailed comic art I like, and there are several mentions of (the real) Houdini. This first issue is focused largely on Erica Houdini (aka Erica Weiss), and, yes, she does magic and escapes. In fact, one of the alternate covers features Erica in escape action.

You can Purchase Holmes & Houdini #1 for the Kindle on You can also buy directly from the publisher Zenescope, which offers printed copies and four variant covers. Issue #2 is due out on February 21.



  1. Oh brother. Its bad enough that stores sell "Houdini" brand kitchen accessories...and now this nonsense. When will it end?

    1. Haha. I don't like the kitchenware stuff as that doesn't acknowledge or honor the real Houdini. But this does. In fact, I prefer this type of comic to one that turns Houdini himself into a superspy, etc., because I think that muddies history. But this one is good fun.

    2. I like my Houdini bottle opener from Target.