Saturday, March 16, 2024

Houdini spoke one year ago today

It was one year ago today that Mike CaveneyDr. Michael Khanchalian, and I heard the voice of Harry Houdini coming from wax cylinders that have not been played since 1970. What an incredible experience. I still can't believe I was a part of it. Click the image below to relive the adventure.

Below are some follow-up posts related to the Houdini wax cylinders.


  1. Are we getting closer to listening to that promised Houdini voice recording? C'mon man! ; -)

    1. Now that it exists on a playable format, which wasn't the case a year ago, I'm sure folks will get a chance to hear it eventually.

    2. I'm referring to the HH voice recording you promised to share when you reach 100 Patreon members.

      The ones in the DC museum are out of contention for the public. But it would be nice to burn it on a CD and include the disc with your Chronology book(s).

    3. Oh, yes. I'm still waiting on 100 (paid) patrons. We're only at 85 at the moment. C'mon man! :p

      A CD is a cool idea for a special edition. We'll see!

    4. Whenever I can I try to spread the Gospel of the HH Patreon to other Houdini aficionados out there.

    5. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate that.