Friday, March 29, 2024

The Houdini Compendium by Alex Rusconi

Released to commemorate Houdini's 150th birthday, The Houdini Compendium by Alex Rusconi is an Italian book collecting Houdini anecdotes and episodes. Below is a translation of the book's description.

One hundred and fifty years after his birth, Harry Houdini is still the most famous and controversial magician in history. His life, like a novel, is full of anecdotes and extraordinary episodes, just as his artistic career was extraordinary.

This book collects 52 (like the years Houdini lived) curiosities about this character, his exploits, his friends and his loves, dispelling some clichés and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of this giant in the history of entertainment. Even if you know Houdini's life perfectly, in this book you will surely find at least one "gem" that you didn't know about! The challenge is launched...

Foreword by Andrew Basso.

You can purchase The Houdini Compendium at,, or An English translation is not currently planned.



  1. Let's get Fred Pitella to translate it for us.

  2. Got to be an app that can reprint, sounds interesting.

    1. That's a good idea! There appears to be apps that can translate text.